Start and finish at the WSCN Clubhouse located at Fairfield Showground. There is plenty of parking and excellent bicycle accessibility using the Orphan School Creek Cycleway.

Free Sunday Community Rides
1st Sunday each month, see table below for our more advanced riders.
Arrive at the Clubhouse, 9.00am (for 9.30)

BRING your Bike - Geared and in working order, a well fitting helmet and spare tube/puncture repair kit. Contact us before the ride for advice on getting your bike checked. You will need sunscreen,drinking water and snacks or money. Unaccompanied children must be over 16 years of age. Small children in carry seats or trailers welcome. For safety and legal reasons, children under 16 years of age must ride with their parent or guardian, and remain under the control of that parent or guardian for the duration of the ride. Children who ride must be proficient enough to ride safely at the general pace of the other riders in the group.

For NEW riders, a short easy 10km ride is available, by calling Doug on 0411 615 867 two days prior to the ride.

For more advanced riders, our general community rides are in the 20 to 30km range, and vary from very easy, easy to medium, with some stops. Most rides have an expected return time between 2 and 3 hours. Rides usually include a coffee break. The ride leader reserves the right to make changes to the route as required for the safety of all participants.

(VE) = very easy, (E) = easy, (M) = medium

4 February 2018 (VE)
Dutch Shop (24km)
5 August 2018 (E)
Green Valley Circuit (17km)
4 March 2018 (VE)
Lakes Circuit (27km)
2 September, 2018 (E)
West Hoxton Circuit (28km)
1 April 2018 (E)
Liverpool Circuit (21km)
7 October, 2018(VE)
Fairfield Loop (22km)
6 May 2018 (E)
Two Creeks - extended (20km)
4 November, 2018 (E)
Plough & Harrow (17km)
3 June 2018 (M)
Reverse Lakes Circuit (27km)

2 December, 2018 (VE)
Carramar (Bland's Oak) (18km)

1 July 2018 (E)
Guildford Canal (26km)

Riders should note that though ride leaders are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, riders who are not members of Bicycle NSW are not automatically covered for Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.

Riders who are not members of Bicycle NSW are encouraged to join, as membership to Bicycle NSW affords you Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance. (You should contact Bicycle NSW to obtain details and extent of insurance coverage) Bicycle NSW


Thursday Rides
Thursday rides originally started as a loop on local cycleways doing about 10km. As the riders have become stronger and more experienced, this has progressed into 20 - 30km, easy to medium rides, which is currently the case. Ride destinations and routes may be varied by ride leaders on the day due to the circumstances. New riders may prefer a short easy 10km ride, so please advise us by calling Doug on 0411 615 867 two days prior to the ride.

Riders meet at 9:15am for a 9.30am start all year round. Bring your own bike, helmet & spare tube/puncture repair kit or hire from the club. Ride is free. Make sure you contact the club first; ring Joe on 0403 323 273 or the clubhouse phone 0418 954 682 on the day.

14 Jun 2018
Holland House/Dutch Shop
4 Oct 2018
Green Valley
21 Jun 2018
Brighton Lakes
11 Oct 2018
Suzanne's via Cecil Hills /M7/Hoxton
28 Jun 2018
Haigh Park/ Epson Rd Chipping Norton
18 Oct 2018
Guildford Canal/Orphan Schl
5 Jul 2018
Cecil Hills
25 Oct 2018
Georges Hall/Haig Ave
12 Jul 2018
Pemulwuy/Prospect/Chandos St/The Dairy
1 Nov 2018
Carramar/Lakes Circuit (reverse)
19 Jul 2018
Georges Hall/Haig Ave
8 Nov 2018
Cecil Hills
26 Jul 2018
Carnes Hill
15 Nov 2018
Carnes Hill
2 Aug 2018
Casula Power House
22 Nov 2018
Casula Power House
9 Aug 2018
Harry's/Orange Grove

29 Nov 2018
Brighton Lakes

16 Aug 2018
6 Dec 2018
Holland House/Dutch Shop
23 Aug 2018
Guildford Canal/Orphan Schl
13 Dec 2018
Harry's/Orange Grove
30 Aug 2018
Holland House/Dutch Shop
20 Dec 2018
Green Valley
6 Sept 2018
Trevor's Seven Hills/Toongabbie
27 Dec 2018
Haigh Park/ Epson Rd Chipping Norton
13 Sept 2018
Mounties - extended
3 Jan 2019
Lakes Circuit/Carramar
20 Sept 2018
Orphan Schl/Fairfield/Guildford Canal (reverse)
10 Jan 2019
Cecil Hills
27 Sept 2018
Pemulwuy/Prospect/Chandos St/The Dairy

Weekend Rides
Saturday - Members' Rides, usually 40 to 60Kms, for riders of reasonable cycling fitness and experience.
Program is flexible, often determined just prior to, or on the day,and
a choice between 2 rides, with an 8am start or a 9am start.
Check CLUB NEWS on Home Page
for other club events.

Participate in Cycling Events

Gear up Girl - 11 March 2018
Mudgee Bike Muster Easter Check to see if event will continue in future.
Dungog Pedalfest September 2018
Spring Cycle Super Weekend October 2018
Coota Bike Festival 8 September 2018
Wagga Gears and Beers Weekend October 2018

Our famous "Bike Week Ride" , usually in September each year